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Get all 4 of the current Chosen Shifter Mates books! Bundle and save!

These books are steamy paranormal romances with satisfying happily ever afters! 18+!!

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After a horrific attack reveals her immense magical abilities, Nova Studer is thrown into a new world of lycan shifters and unknown dangers. When the wolf pack assigns a well-muscled and hotter than sin lycan to keep her close, it awakens more than just her growing supernatural powers. Can she learn to control her gifts before the Collector’s find a way to take her away? Is her broody, lycan protector more than just a crush?

Darren’s life is turned upside down the moment an ice-wielding Celestial is thrown into his path. After his Alpha asks Darren to keep an eye on her, he’s forced to choose between obeying his leader, or giving into his animal’s inner call. His wolf recognizes her as something special right away. Is it possible this silver-haired stranger is his Fated Mate? The Collectors are after Nova, and Darren will do whatever it takes to keep her safe.


Dahlia kept her powers a secret for most of her life before she was captured. Years after her escape she once again finds herself falling into the wrong hands—right before finding herself in some extra-large lycan hands. Shifters are real, and the Alpha wolf wants to make her his. Does he have what it takes to keep her safe? Can he protect her from herself?

When Gideon’s path crosses with a feisty earth-wielding Celestial, he’s forced to choose between what is best for the pack, or for himself. He barely has time to deal with his unruly wolf and mountain of responsibilities, let alone a mate. His loyalties are put to the test when a family friend proposes a union of their packs…by marriage. Can he choose duty over destiny?


Aria’s life has been carefully planned and closely monitored. She’s the sister of the Alpha. Which means dating is pretty much not an option. After a kidnapping brings her very unexpectedly face to face with her fated mate, she’s forced to acknowledge some hard truths. He’s the villain. Isn’t he? His track record looks bad from afar but the closer she gets to him, the more she sees the truth beneath. His wolf is sick and they’re running out of time. He needs a pack. But will her pack ever accept him after what he’s done? Or will Aria be forced to choose between her mate and the family and friends she’s known her whole life?

Lark wasn’t born a lycan, and he never expected to find a mate. His life was nothing but torment and darkness before he found Aria. He’s drawn to her, and so is his wolf. His beast is unpredictable and too powerful for him to control. Lark wants to stay away from Aria to protect her. But the more he fights fate, the more he finds Aria in his arms—and bed. His magic can only do so much to keep him hidden from those hunting him. He’s playing a dangerous game, one that could end up costing Aria her life, or Lark his human form. Will his wolf take control, permanently? Or will his fated mate find a way to save them both before it’s too late?





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Candace Burkett
Wrath of Roses

I loved my books! I can’t wait to finish wrath of roses! Along with all the others! Thank you so much for the gift, the packaging was perfect! The cover art is so beautiful! Love Violets work. 10/10