Gemini & the Wolf Candles

Creating small batch, natural, crystal and gemstone candles. Each one is filled to the brim with magic!


Siren Song


Antique and Vintage


Dragons Blood

Candles Poured Under the Moon

We prefer to pour our candles under the moonlight. We also have special batches poured under the New and Full Moon! The New Moon and Full Moon in particular help to infuse each candle with the moon's powerful energy. This moon energy will amplify your candle's manifestation potential. The moon is powerful, magical, and mysterious. Who knows what gifts her glorious energy may bestow upon you.

Crystals, Gemstones, & Wax

Our candles contain only natural waxes made of Coconut and Soy, and eco cotton wicks. Each of our Crystal and Gemstone candles contains a specific, hand picked, rock or crystal. Every stone contains it's own magical properties. Trust your instincts, and choose stones you are drawn to. Your spirit guides are often trying to lead you in the direction of what you need most in this moment.

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