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This is the revised first edition.

What if the Beast took the woman of his dreams, AND the man who was desperate to claim her, and used them to act out his every fantasy...

The witch’s wrath has left me isolated, broken.
A Beast unable to even touch another living soul without ruining them.
My only solace comes from watching the one I’ve fallen in love with from afar. Fleur
She’s beautiful, spirited, and everything I desire. I can’t give her what she needs, but there’s one in the village who can…
Gabriel is tall, strong, and handsome—all things I once was. As my days grow lonelier, I accept that I need them—
both of them.
They’ll act out every dark, twisted fantasy my monstrous form prevents me from participating in.
And with any luck, they’ll grow to enjoy their new prison.
But the closer we become, the more the roses wither and die. 
The castle is changing. The curse exacts a greater toll each day.
Unless… Is it possible Fleur is meant for more than satiating my most carnal needs?
Could she be the one to break the spell?
Or is it too impossible for anyone to love a Beast?

Contains dark themes including graphic violence, blood, sexually explicit content, dubcon, 18+
Check for a full list of content warnings!

Customer Reviews

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Katie Hurd
Lovely box!

I was so excited to receive this signed copy of The Wrath of Roses! Violet packaged it beautifully and even included extra goodies! I am thrilled!

Love this book!!!

I cannot wait to get this book for my smut shelf. Top tier smut with an engrossing story! One of my new all time favorites. Definitely pick this book up!!

Katie Davis
Read This Book!

If you are a lover of a good spicy retelling let me tell you Violet shattered the ceiling with “The Wrath of Roses”. She transports you with vivid detail and imagery and you feel like you are in the book. If you love dark romance, why choose, and all the trigger warnings this book is for you!