Psychic Witch


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We’ve taken our Witching Hour candle and topped it with an exotic Lazulite tumble to create our Psychic Witch candle! Witching Hour smells of forest-ripened blackberries and soft, dreamy sage. These dark beauties were hand poured during the New Moon. They’re are perfect for anyone who feels like they need some negative energy cleared in their life, or their vibrational energy raised. Each is topped with a unique Lazulite tumble.

Lazulite can be used to activate all psychic abilities including clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, psychometry, mediumship, prophetic vision, channeling, telepathy, psychokinesis, and all other forms of esp. It is ideal for those who have already had some psychic experiences and wish to enhance their abilities. It can also be an aid to beginners who wish to initiate their latent capacities.

**one tumble will be intuitively chosen for you**